Body Oil Blend

Earth (sa) Grounding Oil Blend

Tsé Organics Earth (sa) blend offers a blend echo the healing experience of grounding to the earth.

Water (chu) Rejuvenating Oil Blend

Tsé Organics Water blend (chu) blend is inspired by the purification and rejuvenation generated by water.

Fire (me) Energizing Oil Blend

Tsé Organics Fire blend (me) mirrors the invigorating energy of warm. With warming heating blends.

Air (llung) Refreshing Oil Blend

Tsé Organics Air blend (llung) is inspired by the refreshing movement of breath and air.

Space (NAM) Calming Oil Blend

Tsé Organics Space blend (nam) is inspired by the strengthening nature of the space element.


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Stay tuned for more products such as BODY BUTTER” & “CLAY MASK”.

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